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Shinto – The Way of Gods: Introduction to the Traditional Religion of Japan

Published Date: June 1, 2020

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Shinto – The Way of Gods: Introduction to the Traditional Religion of Japan is intended to give a basic, yet detailed view of the Shinto world for a beginner. This book traces the path of Shinto starting from its ancient origins to its present day.

Shinto is Japanese for ‘The way of the Gods.’ Shinto represents Japanese religion and cult that has its origins in prehistoric times. Referred to as the ‘indigenous faith of the Japan’ – the belief occupies a significant position even in the technologically advanced modern Japanese society. Shinto has held sway over the religious, social, and political way of life in Japan for over two millennia and continues its reign over the minds of the Japanese even today.

The Kami Way in Shintoism is a personal faith in the objects of worship and a belief in noble and sacred spirits. Shinto followers believe that their emperor is a divine descendant who governs the land with the help of rituals done for the deities, or Kami. Shinto ritualism takes place in hundreds of shrines all across the country. These local rites performed at each of the community shrines mirror the emperor’s ceremonies. Shinto followers believe that these divine rituals help in aligning the supernatural, human, and the natural worlds harmoniously together to achieve prosperity.


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